Do Your Part(ner)!

We are honored and excited to be teaming up with Plum Organics to talk about the realities of parenting; especially since this campaign hits close to home. Not only do Jax and Ero love their yummy snacks, it's also great to see a company who encourages parents to make time for their relationships, sans guilt.

Its time to make love a priority ... (again). Sometimes we lose track of our relationship as we put all of our attention on our kids. We want to make it a little easier to bring back that spark, so you should join us in taking the pledge to DO YOUR PART(NER)! ( We will be sharing an update in a couple weeks and we would love to hear how things have been going for you all since taking the pledge. #sponsored #DoYourPartner

Plum Organics is allowing us to giveaway 5 Do Your Part(ner) kits and you should defenitly be excited because they are pretty rad. 

Rules are as follows:
1. Take the pledge at
2. Tag a couple who may need some alone time
3. Post a picture of you and your partner and tag @therealmelroy @_vanessaroy @plumorganics - in both the picture and the caption
4. Hashtag #DoYourPartner

Winners will be selected on Monday, February 13th.
May the odds be forever in your favor (hahaha)

USA only
Public Accounts only

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