Alright! Now the low down on US! About four years ago, we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend at an LGBT pool party. Melanie's pretty face and kick-ass mohawk caught my eyes probably even before she saw me, but of course I had to play it cool when they introduced us haha. We started dating in October of 2011 and a year later she asked me to be her wife. She surprised me with a sweet letter and my family holding a banner that read "Will You Marry Me?"


Six months later, we had a very sweet and simple beach ceremony with close friends and family. Although the chairs arrived super late and our chinese lantern idea failed due to the wind, it was perfect.



The day after our wedding, we made our first attempt at artificial insemination. Two weeks later, after taking an at-home pregnancy test, we were in COMPLETE shock that the insemination was a success. :) We couldn't believe it; we were having a baby! Little by little our dreams were coming true. March 18th 2014, Jax Izzo was born.

Now things just got real. Looking down at our little creation, we began to question whether Miami was the right fit for us. Right at that moment was when we decided that it would be best for our future to make the move to Charlotte, NC. We thought we should leave Miami with a big bang, so the weekend before our big move, it was Melanie's turn to gain some weight lol. We gave artificial insemination a try once again!! You may think that we were CRAZY because Jax was just 2 months, but we were expecting for this process to take quite some time. To our complete surprise, it proved successful on the first try ... again. February 18th 2015, Ero Kix was born; exactly 11 months after Jax. 


Yes these two are definitely a hand full, but they also fill our hearts with so much love. The rest is unwritten so stay tuned ...

by: vanessa roy