•you're doing an amazing job•

Some of us wake up in the morning, get dressed, eat some breakfast and then go spend 8 or so hours at work. Then there are some of you, like Vanessa, who wake up in the morning and immediately start your full time job of raising your kids. No breaks. FULL TIME, all day, every day. 

There are some days where everything goes smoothly and the kids behave so well, but MOST days that's not the case. 

I can just imagine how her days go: she wakes up, immediately changes 2 diapers. Migrates to the kitchen to serve Jax some fruit for breakfast while having Ero attached at the hip. She then puts Ero down with enough time to eat her breakfast just before Jax signals her that he is done (by attempting to fling his plate across the room-- but her fast reflexes catch the plate before its lifted off of his high chair table). She get him out of the high chair as Ero wants some boobie time. Jax, still not used to "sharing" his boobies, sees his sister and immediately begins to whine because now he too wants to nurse. What she does to console him while still breastfeeding Ero, I HAVE NO IDEA. All this and it hasn't even been an hour since they all woke up. When one goes down for a nap the other has a burst of energy and vise versa. On top of all of this, Jax is at that age where he enjoys testing us. He stands up on his bed, we tell him to sit and he does so, but only to stand right back up with a huge smile on his facing waiting for our reaction. This happens over and over again. 

How can I expect Vanessa to keep her cool throughout the day? To not get frustrated or overwhelmed? I DONT. Not in the least bit. I can't even imagine how hard it is for her. YES, having the opportunity to stay home with your little people instead of sending them to day care is such a privilege and you should all be grateful that you're in a situation in where that is a possibility, but that doesn't mean it's not difficult.  

I will now tell you all what I tell Vanessa: 

You can't expect to get anything done throughout your day. As long as the kids are fed and cared for you've gone ABOVE AND BEYOND. I understand how your days go and I wouldn't come home and be upset that there is a mess or the dishes are all dirty. Now if the kids weren't fed and the dishes were clean then we have a problem haha :)  

I guess what I'm trying to say to all those of you who stay at home with your kids is... thank you.  I appreciate you. Nothing you do, goes unnoticed and you're doing an amazing job. 

Baby girl, don't stress yourself out. Cut yourself some slack. You are the most amazing mother to our two beautiful kids. They adore you, as do I. There will be hard days, but on those days just take a deep breath and remember that I love you, that you have 2 healthy kids who think the world of you. Be happy and smile. You may think it doesn't affect your mood but just smiling works. I promise.